Grant Information

First, please see our home page for a description of who we are and what (and where) we fund. Letters of inquiry from appropriate nonprofit organizations may be submitted at any time; if a full proposal is to be requested, applicants can expect to hear from us within six months. (Smaller nonprofits in metropolitan Washington should, if eligible, apply to the Catalogue for Philanthropy before applying to the Foundation.) We have two grant cycles per year, in April (cycle 1)  and October (cycle 2) — approximately.  We make grants to tax-exempt organizations only, but not to other private foundations or to political organizations. If your organization meets our guidelines, please submit a Letter of Inquiry. Grant Proposals may be sent by invitation only.  Guidelines for each of these may be found below.

1. Letter of Inquiry
2. Grant Proposal
3. Grant Report

Please upload the requested information and documents HERE.

Family members, please access the Family Matching Grants Dashboard HERE.