Grant Applications

Please upload the requested information and documents HERE.

Note that there is one application format for grantees applying for renewal and a second format, below it, for applicants invited for the first time in 2022.



1.WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO DO this past year (during the 12-month grant period) to meet the needs of the people you serve? (Specifically, what has your programming looked like? Same as in the past or different? Is the number of people served the same as pre-pandemic or different?)

2.   WHAT HAS “REOPENING” LOOKED LIKE? Are you fully in person, remote, hybrid?  In any case, what are you seeing as a result of the choices you have made or have had to make? Program changes? Changes in population served? Changes in numbers of clients served?

3.  HAVE YOU MADE CHANGES, AND/OR DO YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE CHANGES, DESIGNED TO HELP YOUR COMMUNITY (STAFF, CLIENTS) RECOVER from the past years’ events? (e.g., remediation, re-engagement, healing?) Or are things back to “normal”?

4. WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING FOR THE YEAR AHEAD? Is there anything new in the works that you would like to share? If there are challenges ahead, how do you plan to address them?

5. WHAT IMPACT HAVE YOU HAD? Please tell us about any accomplishments (and/or disappointments).

Also, please submit:

7. A revenue/expenses budget for the most recently completed fiscal year.

8. A projected budget for the coming year.

NOTE: Please highlight and explain any budget deficits or qualified audits in the current or past three years and any anticipated budget shortfalls or cash flow challenges you anticipate and are working to close in the coming year.

9. Please attest that your 501c3 is current and in good standing.


FIRST PAGE OF YOUR WORD DOCUMENT: include the same information as in first page of LOI


1. A brief history of your organization and of the primary persons responsible for its operation.  You may use the same text as in your LOI.

2. A description of your organization — who you are, what need you seek to address, what you do (in brief),

3. What programs do you employ to meet the need you describe. Please provide a detailed explanation of these. Make sure to tell us what populations are served, numbers of persons served, duration of program, frequency, etc.

4. Have you changed or added aspects of your work to address the recovery needs of the people (staff? clients?) you serve (remediation? re-engagement? healing?) once you reopen?

5. How would you describe your outcomes in general and your outcomes this year?  What are you hoping to achieve? How do you measure this? How successful have you been?


1. A budget (revenue/expenses) for your organization as a whole and, if appropriate, for this project in particular. (Requests for general operating support do not require project budgets.) Please make sure your budget shows both revenue and expenses.

PLEASE EXPLAIN any budget deficits or qualified audits in the current or past 3 years.

2. A list of your organization’s major funders and of funders you have secured or plan to approach for this project/program.  (Individual donors need not be identified by name, but please do indicate the dollar amount that comes from individuals.) Make sure to identify sources of income from the following categories: foundations/corporations/individuals/board/government/other.

3. 501(c)(3) determination letter.

Please upload the requested information HERE.