If there are any changes to your contact information, 501c3 status, or banking information, please let us know. Otherwise, name of organization and date at the top of the report will do the trick.

1. Please tell us how you have managed — virtually and/or in person — in the period covered by the grant. Have you been able to carry out your program and if so, how? Please share your successes and/or disappointments.

2. What do you see as the greatest challenges facing you in the coming year?

3. Please submit Budget vs Actual (revenue and expenses) for the grant period or as close to the grant period as you have readily available.

Please upload the requested information HERE.




PLEASE NOTE: Washington-region grantees may include final report information in their grant proposals for the next year — unless no grant proposal is requested.

1. Report Date

2. Organization’s name and contact information (full address, including mailing address if different, and telephone, fax, and web address)

3. Federal tax-exempt number

4. Contact person’s name, title, and contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail)

5. A history of grants received from the Foundation

TEXT OF REPORT (2-3 pages)

1. How Harman Family Foundation funds have been used.

2. Any challenges you faced during the grant period and how you handled them.

3. The successes you experienced during the grant period.

4. The impact you are having on the people you serve (and how you measure that impact, either quantitatively or in other ways).


1.Budget vs Actual *revenue and expenses) for the grant period (or as close to the grant period as you have).

Please upload the requested information and documents HERE.