Letter of Inquiry Format


Please note that LOIs are for first-time applicants only. Once you become a grantee of the foundation, future applications should follow the full grant proposal guidelines.

Upload the requested information and documents for an LOI HERE.


1. Letter Date

2. Organization’s name and contact information (full address, including mailing address if different, and telephone, fax, and web address)

3. Organization’s federal tax-exempt number

4. Contact person’s name, title, and contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail)

5. Dollar amount of this funding request

6. Total project budget (if applicable)

7. Revenue/expenses (include fiscal year)

8. Period this funding request will cover

9. Executive summary (one paragraph) that speaks to the essential purpose of this funding request: 


1. Brief organizational history

2. Purpose of this funding request

a. The issue/need you are addressing

b. The target population, number of individuals, and geographic area that will benefit from your work

c. Your goals: what you hope to accomplish with this grant

d. How you intend to accomplish them

e. How you will measure your impact; what it has been to date; and what you expect it to be as a result of this grant


1. A budget (revenue/expenses) for your organization as a whole and, if appropriate, for this project in particular. (Requests for general operating support do not require project budgets.) Please make sure your budget shows both revenue and expenses.

2. A list of your organization’s major funders and of funders you have secured or plan to approach for this project/program.  (Individual donors need not be identified by name, but please do indicate the dollar amount that comes from individuals.) Make sure to identify sources of income from the following categories: foundations/corporations/individuals/board/government/other.

3. 501(c)(3) determination letter.

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